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For starters, nothing’s missed. Our award-winning philosophy is based on a simple idea. We start with keen eyes and a deep curiosity to investigate how your firm might best communicate. We’ve been trusted by many of the world’s most influential companies because of how we listen and the accuracy of our execution. From the start, we get to know you. Together, we establish a set of parameters and a solid framework against which we develop strategy, visual concepts, core story, and verbal content. In today’s multi-channel world, having concrete, workable plans save time and naturally protect budgets.



We reject templates and visual clichés because the public today is sophisticated. We know people don’t buy “stuff.” They buy, or connect with, brand personalities that resonate with them emotionally. Not sure? Just think about where you bought your coffee this morning. Think about how many cups of coffee you passed up to get that one special brew. That’s the power of good branding. At BGNY, it’s our business to make you look good by creating targeted and impactful materials that effectively carry your brand to audiences who should care.



Great branding means you’re visible and gossiped about in the best sense. At BGNY, our first goal is making sure the world knows what’s exceptional about your brand so you can evolve how you keep your promises, while deepening trust and loyalty. Our team’s expertise means we can easily integrate branding and design campaigns across any business environment and platform, using both traditional print solutions and new media. From strategy to implementation, our creative process has lots of moving parts. Best of all, our team includes you and your team. Collaboration and dialogue start to finish inform every relationship.



At BaselineGroupNY, we’ve spent over 18 years focused on the unique needs of the world’s leading brands. We consistently achieve award-winning creative solutions through curiosity, understanding and exploration. We start with a keen desire to listen to clients and communicate better across a project’s life cycle. We start by getting to know you. Understand your particular needs. Monitor project goals. With you, we set clear parameters that are the framework for strategy, visual concepts and execution. Our suite of services is carefully designed to meet a full range of marketing needs—from brand story, to content development, to design architecture, to implementation and production.



Our deliverables include web design and programming, the full range of print collateral, brand identity (logo, stationery), content development and copywriting. Whatever the final product, our 4-phase process lets us structure the work and stay focused on precise strategic needs from the start. Read More.



At BaselineGroupNY, exceptional client service is the heartbeat of the organization. Leading brands consistently turn to us for our principals-only execution and focused, responsive process. What does it mean that we have no bureaucracy and answer our own phones? Your needs are addressed at once. And nothing gets lost in the shuffle. Read More.


Darcy A. Flanders

Darcy A. Flanders

Founder/Chief Design Officer

Darcy is the firm’s chief project strategist and oversees planning at the highest levels. Her greatest strength is visionary—interpreting client goals, and translating them into impactful, targeted design. Her visual passion is contagious, and her focus on teamwork has led to many successful client collaborations. Drawing on nearly 25+ years, Darcy consistently creates a goal-driven, deadline-sensitive process that integrates the big picture and the smallest details—essential in financial-services marketing.

Her thorough understanding of pre-press, print production, digital, and interactive solutions informs her careful approach to planning and implementation. She has managed large-scale projects for Citigroup Alternative Investments, Goldman Sachs, Citi Private Bank, HSBC, and Deutsche Bank, among others.

The industry has been generous. Darcy’s work has been honored by the Financial Communications Society, the Society of Technical Communications, the Association of the Graphic Arts, and Graphic Design USA.

Brenda Fiorentini

Brenda Fiorentini

Creative Director

Brenda has been with BaselineGroupNY since the firm opened in 1997. She has deepened her role as creative director with a terrific flair for typography and content organization. She has art-directed complex projects such as the Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation annual report, a fund launch for Goldman Sachs Asset Management, and a Citi Private Bank capabilities brochure.

Brenda’s passion is making the complex clear, and tackling large, multi-channel projects that require careful attention. She is skilled in making information-driven documents readable and effective.

She’s been honored by Step Inside Design, The Financial Communication Society, and Graphic Design USA. Her fresh, innovative design sensibilities, her expertise in information architecture, her unparalleled skill and grace in project management, and her technological understanding of analytic tools and workflow efficiencies, mean she’s prepared for today’s complex challenges in financial marketing and branding.

René Florville

René Florville

Art Director

Rene is a multi-disciplined, award-winning designer with experience spanning print and web design. He advises clients on all aspects of online technologies and interactive solutions such as content strategy, social media, web standards, and CMS. He helps to optimize client websites, and facilitates technical and content goals for each project.

Across his 15 design years, Rene has devoted his skills to branding initiatives, print collateral, corporate identities, web development, and more. Client in-put is for Rene a first priority. He consistently ensures that client direction is woven into fresh and innovative design approaches, while making sure legibility and usability are protected. He has developed and extended global brands such as Imperial PFS, American Century Investments, The Muni Center, and Rutgers Business School.

Matthew Belloise

Matthew Belloise

Graphic Designer

The newest member of out team, Matthew’s unique perspective adds a dash of youthful spirit to his energetic design work. He has been trained across design disciplines, and is likewise a skilled copywriter. Matt assists senior designers on a variety of projects, and uniquely understands his generation’s attachment, and relationship, to new media.

Stuart (“Stu”) Essex

Stuart (“Stu”) Essex

Strategy and Content Partner to BaselineGroupNY

Stuart (“Stu”) Essex
VIQTOR, Inc. Founder/Principal

Stu Essex is the founder and principal of VIQTOR, Inc., a comprehensive strategic content marketing and project management firm helping financial and professional service companies grow their business. He started VIQTOR in 2016 with significant management experience leading teams and executing strategic marketing, product, and client service initiatives at Principal Financial Group and its asset management subsidiary, Principal Global Investors.

VIQTOR has been collaborating with BaselineGroupNY since its inception and can provide you with high-quality content market strategy and communications solutions and support.  To learn more about VIQTOR’s capabilities, visit their website at www.viqtor.com or e-mail Stu at stu@viqtor.com.



Paulina Tracz

Paulina Tracz

Freelance Graphic Designer

Serving as the visual voice of the spa and wellness industries, Paulina Tracz is a results-driven designer and art director passionate about helping people and businesses thrive. Specializing in clean, simple and elegant designs, she works to evoke a sense of emotion while telling a compelling brand story. She cares deeply about promoting wellness for the common good of our world and contributes her energy to global projects spanning across cultures and continents.

Maggie Gerrity

Maggie Gerrity


Maggie is in charge of overseeing the daily accounting operations of our business and prepares all necessary information to help with our strategic financial planning.

Maggie is the friendly voice on the phone when we are setting up billing systems, preparing invoices and keeping track of receivables. In short, the rest of us use the wrong side of the brain to talk money matters, they are best left to Maggie.


I wouldn’t plan any major event at the Thomson Corporation without first knowing that I would be able to utilize the resources, skills and dedication of the team at BaselineGroupNY. Each activity we engaged in with them was iterative in its content development and Baseline accommodated that challenge by always remaining open for change. They helped us achieve the best possible results under the craziest of deadlines.

Ro Pavlick – Senior Vice President, The Thomson Corporation

BaselineGroupNY is a dynamic and creative team of professionals. Darcy Ann Flanders has instilled the highest standards for excellence throughout Baseline and since first meeting her in 1996, I have always received superior results that were on time and on budget. The fact that she is a pleasure to work with and communicates well throughout any client organization is an added bonus.

Laura Garner – Partner, SailingStone Capital Partners

BaselineGroupNY has provided HSBC’s Private Bank and Wealth Management with creative solutions and exemplary service for more than four years. Our marketing materials require both design excellence and attention to detail, which Baseline delivers time and time again. Baseline’s ability to interpret information, handle iterative content development with accuracy and care, and respond quickly and flexibly to change is of utmost value to us.

Michiko Kurahashi – Senior Vice President Head of Marketing and Communications, HSBC Private Banking and Wealth Management Services – Americas

BaselineGroupNY has an uncanny ability to transform text-heavy content into a visually attractive and highly readable publication. Our design and production schedules are often unreasonably compressed, but Baseline always comes through and delivers on schedule. As a firm, Baseline has become quite adept at juggling projects, changing schedules on short notice, and managing our last-minute changes through the entire design and production process. Their designers are very creative and exhibit a high degree of experience and professionalism.

Daryl Twitchell – Vice President, Marketing/CPB, Citigroup

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