How We Work

At BGNY, the senior members of our team average nearly 20 years’ experience. We understand the nuances of content development and design project management, priding ourselves on meticulous attention to detail. We can work within your specified project management structure or effectively apply our Think. Create. Apply. Evaluate. project management framework, designed to accommodate any project regardless of what the final product or deliverable may be.



We think first to ensure there is a solid message and strategy behind the content designs we produce.  Our award-winning work always starts with this simple philosophy. With keen eyes, ears, and deep curiosity, we get to know you, your needs, your vision, and your preferences. We listen to what’s gone right and where you seek changes. We take a close, careful look at your marketing materials (past and present). We discuss the competitive landscape, target markets, influencers, and advocates.

Together, we establish a framework against which we derive impactful content and engaging visual concepts that will help you communicate your passion, carry your brand, and reach the audiences that move your business forward. In this phase, project roles and responsibilities are clearly defined and agreed upon. You approve all timelines, budgets, production parameters, and project goals.



This phase requires heavy lifting on our side as we dive deep to discover and develop the most optimal ways to communicate and integrate your brand, key messages and competitive distinctions across marketing components, collateral, and interactive pieces.

Rejecting templates and clichés, we explore innovative approaches that fit your brand and present compelling options – from words and content, to imagery and graphics, to layout and design. We’ll refine with your feedback and direction.



From traditional printed solutions to integrated digital and social media communication platforms, we help you integrate your brand and marketing activities across virtually any business environment, platform, and customer touch points. We strive to eliminate waste by recommending flexible printing and digital systems, leveraging interactive solutions that better engage clients and prospects alike.

Important in this phase is creating repeatable processes, tools, and training for your business and employees. From documenting processes to implementing technology solutions, you’ll want to be equipped to handle an increasing volume of marketing and business activity.



A critical, yet often overlooked, part of effective project management is evaluating and measuring its success. By clearly defining goals at the beginning of each project, we’re able to effectively evaluate and discuss how the finished product responds to your stated objectives, measuring what’s working and what’s not.

And we’ll help you make adjustments as needed.