Corporate Gifting with Heart

Corporate Gifting with Heart

Yes it’s that time again. The season to buy things for the clients we love (and who keep us in business).

Consider: if you have the money and time, put something of yourself, of your company’s personality, into what you’re giving. It doesn’t have to be grand. But there are ways you can make your holiday communications unique and special.

Holiday cards: print or digital?

Two schools of thought. Some love to send printed cards. You can touch them and it can be more personal. Others—especially creative agencies—like to show they’re future thinking and embrace digital. The main thing—personalize the effort. Start with your name and logo, and if using the digital space, create artwork that says something about, and captures the essence of, your brand.

The card finesse? You want to send good wishes. But you’re also promoting yourself. Where’s the fine line? It shows extra care if you include a hand-written personal message that’s relevant to your professional relationship.

Gift options

The world needs help. Your big clients at big co’s don’t necessarily need another pen or a 10-pound can of gourmet popcorn. Instead, many are now making charitable donations. They can reinforce your brand, or be relevant to your client’s work. You could even ask clients which causes they support. You could create an educational scholarship. Or give to children’s organizations. Or food pantries in your city. Or medical groups overseas given recent headlines.

Personalizing client gifts is also terrific—your client’s name, say, on candy bards or wine labels. Whatever your passion, find a way to let your personality and heart shine through. When we were kids, at our birthday parties, our mothers used to say “open the card first.” Cause despite the size of the gift or the kind of relationship, It’s always about the message.